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The future was yesterday, in the late 60´s, when Mafepe was born in Zaragoza by the hand of Pedro Fernandez Ortiz, as a fruit of an idea: To offer greater security solutions to the workers.

A small family business with simple origins whose main capital was his great enthusiasm and dedication, ensuring the quality, ergonomy and protection, manufacturing gloves with conceptual rigor and functionality, giving the best to our customers both in product and service, using all the knowledge and technological developments that only a company as Mafepe and its partners are able to apply.

After more than four decades we continue with the same enthusiasm and dedication in the fabrication of our products, having only three rules, simple, practical and profitable with one principal goal: to continue working for a better future for those who make good use of our gloves.

Behind MAFEPE, there are many people who makes compatible the quality, design and inovations, creating simple and practical protective equipments.

MAFEPE was the first company who certified a leather glove in Spain, in 07.02.1994 Nº34 Referece 17 LAAR marked “URO” for mechanical risks.

We are a group with passion that drives us to develop new products and solutions that provide the best quality, safety and confidence in their daily work. Over the years we have developed many different innovations that today are considered standard:

- The seams protective sheet between the thumb and index finger.
- “thicknessing” or the focus of a greater number of stitches per cm2 in certain areas of the glove made without seams.
- Use applications to achieve higher performance of the gloves.
- “Glove for Glove”, which replaces the broken glove, either it is the right or the left one.
Mafepe, in its effort to specialize and improve their products, has created the brands “URO” for gloves production and “ANETO” for protective clothes. Applying in both of them the required effort in designing the articles and providing the highest quality, uniformity and safety protection.

Always with a particular goal: “To work and endeavor so you do not have to worry about your safety, we take care of it.

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