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MAFEPE S.L. as a group that develops and implements the latest technological advances, transforms the users´ needs by providing solutions as practical and efficient.

MAFEPE S.L. analyzed two decades ago, thousands of gloves used in different jobs, finding that 95% of them was broken in the area between the thumb and forefinger.

THE SOLUTION: Sew a reinforcing plate on the corner seams between the thumb and index finger.

Since then, this technique has been applied to our leather gloves and later in nitrile gloves with textile backing, with strong economic performance in both models.

The current gloves benefits by the development of tissues, external impregnations and automated manufacturing systems, but also requires the implementation of the improvements developed by Mafepe.

THE SOLUTION: Thickening from the support in different areas of the hand and size according to the zone required to protect. For the exposed technical efforts to be completed is appropriate to apply the concept of “OPTIMISATION”: replace the broken glove, either the left or right one.
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