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Zonas de protección en guantes

To design a glove is necessary to study the anatomy and functions of the hands, what risks can arise and how to minimize them. The surfaces to protect on the garments are higher, but the concepts and applications are the same.

There are different types of classifications:

Multipurpose gloves: leather manufactured, mixed, nitrile, pvc, etc.
Limited uses or special gloves: they are the perfect marriage between the hands and the activity to protect them.
Low temperatures = Cryogenic
High temperatures = Thermal
Cutting Knife = Wire mesh
Corrosive acids = Nitrile or Neoprene etc.
Dielectric = Natural latex

Zonas de protección en guantes

DESIGN.Once designed the glove, it will provide internal and external protection and ergonomy.

SELECTION.Glove selection is based on the work to do and the risk level involved.

OPTIMISATION.In Mafepe we are looking for something more, the optimisation of all our gloves.

For the optimisation to be effective, it is as simple as replacing the glove that we break (glove for glove), regardless that this is from the left or right hand.

In different sectors and activities, it is demonstrated that you can break three gloves of one hand and only one of the opposite: why do you have to dispose the gloves in good conditions? We call this “optimisation”. You will note the economic effect in your business, in your income statement at the end of each year.


Zonas de protección en guantes

We have graphics and audiovisual examples, where we can appreciate the effectiveness of this concept in a real way. For example, nobody who wears glasses and break one of his glass would buy a new pair of glasses. He will just replace his broken glass, it is the common sense and economy.

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