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Safety clothing for the cold

Safety clothing for the cold protects against work activities that involve exposure to extreme and not so extreme cold temperatures.

There are many work-related activities that involve unavoidable exposure to extreme cold and not so extreme cold temperatures.It is therefore essential to understand the effects of this environmental agent and the possibilities available in order to prevent them, with regard to the workplace, personal protective equipment and the varieties of protective clothing for the cold, which is fundamental if illnesses and problems caused by uncontrolled exposure are to be prevented.


A cold environment is created by conditions that cause an abnormal loss of body heat.It can also be the result of the characteristics of work-related activity, such as perspiration, and others that increase the sensation of cold.


There are different professions that require exposure to the cold, such as jobs that are grouped in industrial cold production.This sector includes factories and workshops dedicated to the production, storage, sale and supply of ice, and those related to the production of cold in chambers used for preserving food.


Other activities are also subject to this occupational risk, such as those carried out in the open air, as is the case of the construction industry.There are also jobs that are affected by cold, simply caused by problems of other kinds, such as working at night and reduced physical activity in the workplace, or the handling of wet objects and work carried out in conditions with high moisture levels.


In order to protect against the cold in these types of activities, there are two options available. The first is to improve environmental conditions as much as possible after assessing the conditions of the workplace. Where this is not enough, the second is to use safety clothing for the cold, or specific personal protective equipment for extreme cold and not so extreme cold temperatures, depending on the case.


PPE for the cold is regulated by two standards.The UNE-EN 14058:2004 standard regulates protective garments, particularly those protecting against cool environments.Standard UNE-EN 342:2004 regulates protective clothing, specifically garments protecting against extreme cold.


It is of vital importance to take the necessary measures once the occupation and its environment has been assessed, given that activity in cold environments increases the likelihood of incapacity for work and work-related illnesses.These consequences resulting from uncontrolled exposure to cold in the workplace greatly reduce worker productivity and increase the risk of accidents and of workers suffering from serious work-related illnesses.


There are different garments designed to protect against the cold in work environments.Mafepe produces specifically designed clothing to protect against cold and extreme cold, among which are thermal waistcoats, thermal jackets and gloves for the cold, among others, with different characteristics suited to the activity being carried out and to the degree of exposure to the cold this entails.


For those who would like to know the latest innovations in this area, you are invited to visit us at SICUR 2014 (International Security, Safety and Fire Exhibition) to be held on 25–28 February, where we will presenting much more on protective clothing designed for all types of risks and occupational activities.

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